Nature Rules.

1. Nature is everything: the be all and end all. Nature is about us. Respecting it means having regard for oneself and others.

2. Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed. It is not up to us to decide what is right to keep and what is necessary to eliminate. The earth is one, the ecosystem has a balance which we must maintain.

3. Breathing fresh air in a vast expanse of green: this is life. Nature offers the best anyone can imagine, we might as well enjoy it, with all due respect of course.

4. Do not pick flowers, you can already buy them off their stem; do not frighten the animals, this is their home; do not leave rubbish lying around, nature can gladly go without it. Mountains, trees, animals and rocks, they all have our same dignity.

5. For us to be able to change things, we must first of all change the way we look at them. What we need to transform is our tendency to compromise the ecosystem.